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Is Your Child Falling Behind?


  • Autism – No Barrier to Inclusion at Rugby Club

    The young man who runs onto the rugby field today bears little resemblance to the shy, awkward teenager who first approached the University of Queensland Rugby Club several years ago with an unusual request.

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  • 28 Skills We Wish We’d Learnt at School

    Does the school syllabus need a shake up? From financial budgeting, culture studies to empathy and sustainable living. These are a few skills you wish they taught in schools.

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  • Students Telling Stories of Dementia

    Two university students have snagged $2000 each for their exploration of salutogenesis and what it means for people with dementia.

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  • 3 Montessori Myths Busted

    The idea that Montessori schools are a free-for-all is a misinterpretation of the importance Montessori programs place on each student’s freedom and catering to individual learning needs. Montessori educators understand the developmental needs of children and deliver appropriately timed lessons at the point of need.

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  • Research Reveals the More You Hug Your Children the Smarter They Get

    Are you the kind of parent that’s always hugging your kids? If the answer is yes then don’t stop doing what you’re doing. According to new reserach, physical affection during a baby’s development period is even more important than we thought.

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  • Determined to Make a Difference

    Alex was a really happy baby. Didn’t cry much at all, took to solids well, crawled more or less at the right time and walked a little late but not too late. Looking back, one of the earliest signs I had that something was amiss was his interest in the light on his heater and his fascination with light switches. I thought briefly, ‘that’s odd’. Next came his first birthday and his younger cousins were saying ‘Dadda’ and ‘Mumma’ but he was pretty mute.

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  • ADHD and Autism – What’s the Difference

    Trouble paying attention to people. Being constantly on the move. Invading personal space, not reading social cues well and having meltdowns. These can all be signs of both ADHD and autism. And the two conditions can occur together.

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  • What To Do If You Think Your Child May Be Dyslexic

    There's a common misconception about dyslexia - that it involves "backward reading" or "mirror reading". Reversing letters isn't always a sign of dyslexia, and a lot of little kids who don't have the disorder write their letters backwards, too.

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  • Pet Therapy For Children With Autism

    When my second son Liam was born, I felt blessed that I had a full-term healthy baby. While he was difficult to settle in hospital, both of us eased into life at home without any major difficulties. Liam was easy going. When he was crawling, he would scamper off to the block corner in his brother’s kindergarten to build towers. The kindergarten teacher commented on his advanced building ability.

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  • Early Intervention is the Key

    Early intervention is key…then what??

    Our son Liam was diagnosed with Autism in 2003. Back then, our only reference was “Rainman” and like most parents, we were told our child wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t show emotion and would most likely be institutionalised. Liam had just turned 2 yrs of age, so you can say we were one of the lucky families since we caught his autism early!

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