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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Speech Pathologist Rose Bay

One of the defining characteristics of human beings is their ability to communicate complex concepts with one another. It’s what makes our deep, meaningful relationships possible, and what enables us to be productive. Many children, however, find it challenging to develop the necessary communication skills at the right stage in life, putting them at a disadvantage. 

As a speech therapist in Rose Bay, we are here to help. Our speech therapy for kids helps to manage and improve communication issues and disorders, providing your child with the best chance possible of success in the future. 

Speech therapy for children is also valuable for its own sake. It helps children feel more confident and enables them to communicate better with other people, improving their relationships. 

Are you worried that your child might not be developing communication skills suitable for their age? If so, our speech clinic in Rose Bay can help. As the best speech therapist in Sydney, we develop bespoke and tailored programmes for a range of conditions across the spectrum. All of our work is evidence-based. We leave nothing to chance. 

Get Treatment For All Kind Of Communication Disorders

We offer a wide variety of speech therapy in Rose Bay. We can help with the following disorders and communication issues: 


Do you believe that your child may be developing a stutter? Our speech therapy in Sydney can help. We use a variety of techniques to help your child overcome this frustrating condition and lead a life stammer-free. If you suspect that your child is struggling with a stutter, don’t delay: the sooner they begin therapy, the better. 


Speech pathology in Rose Bay doesn’t just deal with issues related to speech, but also to the written word too. Children can sometimes develop incorrect systems of spelling. Our role as a speech therapist is to help steer your child away from improper methods and towards those that will help them succeed academically. We teach spelling techniques in a fun and engaging way that your child will love. 

Speech Clarity

Children can struggle to enunciate words for all kinds of reasons. If you believe that your child is having difficulty pronouncing certain words or sounds, then we can help. At our clinic, we use NDIS speech therapy to help children process longer words and create sounds required for language. 

Trouble With Reading

Are you worried that your child is not reading at a standard appropriate for their age? Is your child struggling to keep up at school? If so, then our Sydney speech clinic can help. Just like all our other interventions, we approach reading from an evidence-based perspective. Literacy research suggests that children gain reading skills the fastest when specific pre-requisites are in place. We investigate whether your child has developed these essential pre-reading skills and create programmes to help them if they haven’t. Our reading programmes set your child up for independent learning. 

Other Problems With Fluency, Resonance, Articulation, And Language

Our speech pathology clinic can help your child with a wide variety of communication conditions. 

These include

  • Problems with putting words together
  • Difficulty saying particular words or completing long sentences
  • Problems saying specific sounds
  • Lisps
  • Issues with hearing
  • Weak muscles around the mouth
  • Problems with breathing during vocalisation
  • Autism
  • Vocal Nodules
  • Excessive hoarseness

If you’d like to discuss your child’s need further with a speech pathologist, then call us today. We can talk about the specific needs of your child and how much they might benefit from NDIS speech pathology services.

What To Expect From Your Speech Pathologist In Rose Bay

As a parent or caregiver, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine what a speech pathologist for kids does. Speech therapy for children is different from speech therapy for adults in some ways, but similar in others.

The first task of a child speech pathologist is to diagnose whether your child has a communication disorder. Your child might be struggling with a single speech issue, such as a stutter, or they may have multiple problems with speaking, reading and spelling.

A speech therapist tests the child in several ways and then assigns a score based on their performance across a variety of dimensions. The purpose of the test isn’t to grade the child but to find out where they are struggling most. Once the therapist knows what the issues are, they are free to design a program that will suit the child.

Testing is also vital for you too. As a parent, it helps you quantify the severity of your child’s condition so that you can better understand how to manage it and the problems your child may face in the future. Our speech clinic gives you a comprehensive overview of your child’s condition, based on a variety of speech and learning tests, providing you with a complete picture.

If you decide to go ahead with therapy, what’s next? The first thing to do is to schedule a series of sessions. We generally recommend six months of weekly sessions followed by an appraisal at the six-month point. The purpose of the assessment is to consider whether further therapy is necessary. We then design a specific, bespoke programme around the needs of your child. Speech pathology in Sydney can take a variety of forms. Treatments, therefore, differ considerably from one child to another.

We aspire to be the best speech pathologist in Sydney. Every programme, therefore, is different. We have plans which help with stuttering, spelling, speech and language, verbal articulation, speech clarity and much, much more. As NDIS speech pathology providers, all of our interventions are evidence-based, leaving nothing to chance. 

Why Choose Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic?

There are all kinds of reasons you’ll want to make us your speech clinic.

Personalised Programmes

At Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic, we believe that every child is different. Generic interventions are not, in our view, appropriate. We conduct in-depth appraisals of each child and then formulate bespoke programmes, just as a speech pathologist for adults would. We then begin the therapy, adjusting it if circumstances require.

Guaranteed Results

The typical speech therapy clinic doesn’t guarantee results, but we do. We believe that providers should provide exceptional value for money. A speech clinic is useless unless it can improve a child’s communication skills.

Our guarantee is simple. If you do not see any improvements in your child’s communication skills after six months of regular sessions, we’ll give you your money back in full.

Track Progress

At our clinic, we want to share your child’s successes with you. That’s why we track results so that you can see the return you’re getting on your financial investment. You’ll be able to track how their reading is improving, their speech getting better, and their stuttering receding. Our goal is to provide you with the evidence you need to give you confidence that you’re making a difference in your child’s life.

Open Out Of School Hours

Our clinic is open outside of school hours from 8 am until 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Your child doesn’t have to miss any school lessons to benefit from speech therapy with us.

Open To Children At An Early Age

We believe that the earlier you can intervene with communication issues, the better. That’s why we are an accredited speech pathologist for toddlers. We work with very young children to overcome problems early before they become entrenched. Through therapy, your toddler can manage and overcome a variety of communication disorders before they get worse.

Why Is Speech And Language Therapy In Rose Bay So Important?

Being a great communicator is necessary for a successful, fulfilling life. As humans, we depend on being able to communicate our thoughts to one another, not only for work but for satisfying relationships too. Childhood is a crucial time when we all develop our language skills.

Sometimes, however, illness, congenital issues, or adverse experiences can interrupt the process. The job of speech therapy NDIS, therefore, is to find ways to help young people get back on the right developmental track.

If you suspect that your child might have a communication disorder, it’s imperative to act now rather than wait until later. Children need to develop specific communication skills at particular stages in their lives. Missing the window of opportunity can mean that they never develop the skills that they need for success.

The world is increasingly relying on people with advanced communication skills. Children need to be able to understand what teachers and textbooks say so that they can build their knowledge. The workplace of the future will depend on individuals being able to speak with colleagues and accurately use langauge to communicate ideas.

Contact Us Today

If you suspect that your child has a speech or learning disorder, it can be a challenging experience. The good news, however, is that we offer robust, evidence-based interventions to manage and improve a vast array of speech issues. Contact us today on 02 979 1880 to discuss your child’s needs and find out more about our services. We’d love to hear from you.