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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Speech Pathologist Parramatta

Here at Braithwaite Speech & Learning clinic Sydney, we work with children of all ages to provide them the extra support they need with their speech and communication. Whether those troubles are associated with the way they talk, their understanding of others, or their reading capabilities doesn’t matter. Our specialised speech therapy for kids is designed to help children unlock their full potential in a safe, loving, and empathetic setting. When looking for the best speech pathologist Parramatta has to offer, our professional service is the answer.

If you live in Parramatta and believe that your child’s speech isn’t quite at the level it should be, or that your son or daughter could benefit from developmental support from a dedicated speech pathologist for kids, now is the time to act.

About Parramatta

The Sydney suburb of Parramatta is known for it’s buzzing commercial scene and thriving arts and entertainment and culture. The diversity of the area is highlighted by the fact that 3 in 4 of the 25,000 or so people living in the suburb are non-Australian born, and it is the people that make Parramatta such a wonderful place to live, laugh, and learn.

With just 6.8% of the population being over 65, the youthful vibe of the local area (as well as Greater Western Sydney as a whole) means the need for good communication is vital even at an early age. Every child deserves to enjoy the benefits of clear and confident interactions and the right speech pathologist can help them achieve this.

The Importance of Speech & Language

Speech and language are the building blocks of human interaction and will impact virtually every aspect of your child’s life from their education and future career prospects to friendships and relationships. Moreover, many studies into the link between communication and health aspects have shown a direct correlation that will influence a person’s quality of life.

Our speech and language begin to develop before we are even born while we continue to develop our language skills from the day we are born. While children develop those skills at different speeds, there are several milestones that they should hit by various ages. So, if you have concerns about your child’s development, visiting a speech clinic in Parramatta should be on the agenda. An assessment can identify any problems and set your son or daughter on the right track through dedicated speech therapy for children.

What to Expect from Braithwaite Speech & Learning clinic

Here at Braithwaite Speech & Learning clinic Sydney, we provide a comprehensive range of dedicated services related to the concept of speech therapy for children. Before creating an extensive plan of action, though, the first step towards success is to assess the child’s communication skills through a speaking test. This process includes asking the child to say a number of words while the exercise may be recorded so that the speech therapist can analyse all issues.

The assessment will be tailored to the individual child, particularly in relation to the expected issues. Issues with clarity may require a focus on pronunciation while other development concerns can be treated in contrasting ways.

Our speech therapists can support your child through a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Articulation – when your child struggles with pronunciation and saying certain terms in a clear fashion. This includes lisps and associated speech conditions.
  • Fluency- when your child struggles to get his or her words out or complete whole words and sentences. Stuttering is a good example.
  • Language disorders – when your child struggles to comprehend the meanings behind word, including what other people say as well as their own dialogue.
  • Resonance - when your child’s voice is affected by the continued distortion. This may, for example, sound like your child is speaking through his or her nose.

Here at Braithwaite Speech & Learning speech clinic Parramatta, we can identify the nature and severity of any deficiencies or troubles before setting out the right treatment strategies, which will be re-analysed and assessed as your child’s speech develops.

What Does a Speech Therapist Actually Do?

When seeking the best speech therapy Sydney has to offer, it’s imperative that you know exactly what the pathologist will do as well as the results you can expect to see. Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat a variety of communication disorders. This includes troubles with speaking, listening, interpretations, reading, writing, social skills, and interactions.

Speech therapy isn’t just for kids, which is why Braithwaite Speech & Learning also offers speech therapy or adults. Crucially, speech pathologists understand that difficulties with speech and communication can be attributed to many sources including:

  • Brain injuries,
  • Disabilities,
  • Dementia,
  • Developmental delays.

Speech therapy for kids usually revolves around developmental delays and disabilities, although the other issues aren’t non-existent. The Sydney speech clinic helps your child gain the correct diagnosis followed by the right techniques needed to support your child through the various issues. When visiting a speech therapist Parramatta, your child’s communicational development will offer a foundation for a happy life in which they can excel in all areas.

Furthermore, a child speech pathologist can provide winning support with a host of related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Autism,
  • Breathing disorders,
  • Hearing impairment,
  • Swallowing disorders,
  • Vocal hoarseness,
  • Weak muscles around the mouth.

A child speech pathologist will boast an extensive knowledge of all issues surrounding developmental delays. Early interception allows your child to gain the right support ASAP. So, if you believe that your son or daughter could benefit from seeing a professional speech pathologist Parramatta, it’s important to take the initiative.

Why Braithwaite Speech & Learning clinic Sydney?

Our speech pathology clinic has helped families like yours for several years, providing the professional standards and affordable pricing that you deserve. Furthermore, we appreciate the importance of your child’s speech. As such, you are probably of the opinion that only best speech therapy clinic will do for your son or daughter. And we agree!

Braithwaite Speech & Learning is a team of experienced professionals that care and endeavour to provide a personalised approach to produce the biggest improvements. We are one of the most trusted organisations in Australia, and here are just some of the reasons why we are loved by parents and children alike:

  • Professional therapists – we have been helping people with their speech difficulties or decades, boasting one of the best track records in the business. Our team of five experienced speech pathologists can assess and address virtually any speech and learning disorder while our levels of passion and compassion ensure the best result times and time again.
  • Comfortable surroundings – we appreciate that visiting a speech therapy clinic can be daunting for youngsters, which is why we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed setting. The practice is conveniently located and boasts good parking facilities to remove any potential stress for mum and dad while the friendly atmosphere of the reception and clinic areas will keep your little angel happy.
  • Personalised services – every child is different and deserves to be treated in a way that shows understanding of their individual needs. Whether it’s seeing a speech pathologist for toddlers, preschoolers, or older children doesn’t matter. We use age-appropriate games and exercises to engage your child in a winning fashion. This is a focal point for helping kids receive the best support.
  • Quick results – while it can take several years for the true results to shine through, the need for fast progress cannot be ignored. Our speech pathology Parramatta gives your child the quick improvements needed to build their confidence for the rest of the journey ahead. This ensures an immediate boost to their quality of lie while keeping them on the right track for years to come.
  • Comprehensive support – familiarity is a key ingredient in the recipe for speech therapy success, especially when working with children. When embracing speech therapy Parramatta services, it’s is crucial for your child to work with the same small team from start to finish. We offer a full range of services including assessments and exercises that can support your child for as long as it’s needed.
  • Affordable pricing – you cannot put a price on your child’s speech development. Nonetheless, we understand that parenting isn’t cheap, which is why we pride ourselves on offering highly competitive pricing alongside flexible payments and NDIS support. That way, you can spend your savings on enjoying family days out and creating magical memories that will enrich your child’s life in other ways.

Personalised Programs for Your Child

As already mentioned, Braithwaite Speech & Learning are firm believers that every child deserves a personalised program that factors in all key components including:

  • Their age,
  • Type of condition,
  • Severity of condition,
  • Other related conditions,
  • And more.

Our programmes are designed with care, ensuring that your child gains support in the areas of speech where they need it most, as well as their general communication skills. Areas of focus may include strengthening their speech and language skills, reading and spelling, or visualising and verbalising. Our speech clinic also uses the Lidcombe programme, which helps with stuttering and fluency.

Whichever area of speech development your child needs help with, finding the best speech pathologist Sydney has to offer starts with a call to Braithwaite Speech & Learning.

Speech Therapy NDIS

When you’re wondering about how you can fund your child’s speech therapy, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the safety net many families are desperate for. Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic are NDIS speech pathology providers that offer a full assessment to see what financial support may be available.

Whether it’s NDIS Managed, Self Managed and Plan Managed access, our speech clinic are here to support you through the process. Likewise, we offer support through Enhanced Primary Care or Medicare Plus Programme as well as talking to you about claims through private insurance and claiming tax expenses.

When mum and dad are relaxed, it can only have positive outcomes for the child. In truth, that’s the most important feature by far.

Booking Your Assessment Today

If visiting a speech pathologist Parramatta is on the cards for your child, the first step is to book the initial test assessment. This can be done via the Online Appointment page,by calling us on 02 9797 1880 or popping into the speech clinic at a convenient times.

We offer a free detailed report worth up to $130 following the initial consultation too. There’s never been a better time to seek speech therapy Parramatta. And that’s clear.