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Is Your Child Falling Behind?


You may still have some questions and that’s understandable. So I have included many of the most frequently asked questions here for you. I trust my answers reassure you and will help you in making the right decision.

Can I sit in on the assessment/sessions?

That’s up to you and what you and your child feel comfortable with. However children usually behave differently when their parents are in the room. We’d like to see them give their best and sometimes children can feel nervous in front of their parents. But of course, if you really want to sit in on the session, you can. It’s just that in my experience, it may be better if you don’t. However, at the end of each session we allocate time for you, the parent… so we can explain to you how the session went.

Can my child be seen outside of school hours?

Yes, we work 8am til 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. The assessment however is usually done earlier in the day, when your child is fresher.

Can I claim the cost through Medicare?

Some children, who have multiple problems, can claim up to 5 visits through the Enhanced Primary Care or Medicare Plus Programme. Other fees can be claimed through a private health fund, if you are covered by the ‘extras’ cover. Costs can also be claimed through your tax, once the minimum amount is reached for the year (somewhere between $1000 and $1500 for the year)

How long will therapy take?

We re-assess your child after the first 6 months of regular attendance in weekly therapy. Your child then gets formal progress feedback on the improvement he or she has made. Each week however we assess informally how they are going, making any appropriate adjustments.

Can you really help my child … what’s your success rate?

I understand exactly how you are feeling. But rest assured, we know what we are doing and your child will get the very best of care. In fact, 95% of children that we see get long-lasting results in just one or two blocks of treatment.

Do you guarantee your services? Do you guarantee you can help my child?

We certainly do. And to my knowledge, no other therapist dares to match our guarantee. We’re so confident of our skills and ability to completely transform your child’s life, that we guarantee it with our own money. You see…

I assure you that if your child undertakes our training and completes all sessions and homework, he or she will…

• Develop better social skills,
• Develop better communication skills,
• and Develop emotionally into a well-balanced child…
• Or I’ll refund every cent of your money.

That’s right. If your child hasn’t made specific and measurable gains, your therapy investment will be returned in full. I can’t be any fairer than that.

What do you do in therapy?

Well to start with we build on your child’s strengths that were evident in the first assessment. We then set a personalized therapy plan for them to help close the gap between where they are now and where they should be for their age and ability.

Will they get homework?

Homework is set each week, which doesn’t take a huge amount of time, but needs to be completed for the best progress of the child. But please, make sure you let us know if too much is being given and we’ll then reassess the situation.

My husband was the same as a child and he says he’s ok; do we really need to do anything or just leave it?

Look, I know sometimes it can be confusing, especially if you’re getting conflicting advice. It’s makes it tough to make a decision… I understand that.

However, with 26 years of experience behind me, I can assure you that the earlier any difficulties can be addressed, the easier it is for your child. And research studies conducted here and overseas backs me up. But most parents, once they understand the gravity of the situation, want to get help for their child earlier, so that their child doesn’t have to go through the problems they did as children (teasing, struggling in class, poor social skills and the like.)

And unlike a good red wine, these problem don’t get better with age … in fact they intensify into larger more complex problems the older the child gets. Just understand that the problem rarely ‘fixes itself’ as many well-meaning, but ill-informed friends will tell you.

My friends and family think my child is too young … I don’t know what to do…

We have seen children from less than 2 years of age and they make excellent gains. The point is, the younger the better. The sooner we can assess your child and find out what exactly is causing these problems … the sooner your child can start getting back on track and reach his or her full potential.

The Question Isn’t Whether Our Therapy Works…

The Question Is… Are You Going To Take Advantage Of Our Service
And Give Your Child The Precious Gift Of Understanding & Comprehension?

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