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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Speech Pathologist Randwick

Your child’s ability to do well at school and enjoy success in the future depends on their communication skills. Practically everything they learn on an academic level is either communicated via speech or written in text. Your child’s understanding of language and ability to express themselves is, therefore, critical.

Many children, however, may not develop speech and language skills appropriate for their age. If you are worried that your child’s communication skills are not keeping pace with their peers, then a speech therapist in Randwick can help. Our speech clinic in Randwick provides all kinds of speech and language therapy for practically every condition, ranging from difficulties enunciating words to swallowing disorders. With our team of skilled, friendly practitioners, we can help your child manage or overcome challenges that they may be having with speech and language and put them on the right track.

Why Speech Therapy In Randwick Is So Important For Your Child

In the modern world, communication is more important than ever before. Practically all but the most rote and manual labour tasks require communication skills. What’s more, communication is a vital part of your child’s education and development. Without the ability to communicate, your child may struggle in their schoolwork and relationships with others. At Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic, we develop techniques and interventions that help your child emerge as a better communicator. With our help, your child can improve both their competence and confidence to take on the world, communicate powerfully with others, and learn new skills.

We Treat All Kinds Of Speech And Learning Disorders

As a professional speech pathologist, we’re able to treat a wide variety of speech and learning disorders.

Speech Clarity

Does your child struggle to speak clearly? Do people often find it hard to understand what they are saying? If so, a speech pathologist can help. A lack of speech clarity can lead your child to feel troubled and confused. Between birth and about three years of age, your child will experiment with a variety of mouth sounds, including lip sounds, tongue sounds, and back of the mouth sounds (like “K” and “G”). Sometimes, though, performing the movements to generate these sounds is a challenge. A speech therapist at our clinic will help your child develop these speaking skills in a way that is both fun and effective.

Understanding Language And Express

Children need to understand what people say to them and how to express themselves. For many children, understanding and expression are two sides of the same coin. Our speech therapy for kids helps with these aspects of communication in tandem, helping your child in all aspects of their life. Children who can understand what the teacher says are less irritable while learning. Children with well-developed comprehension and language skills also tend to feel more confident and outgoing in social situations.

School Readiness

Are you worried that your child has not yet developed the communication skills required for school? If so, our speech therapy in Sydney can help. As NDIS speech pathology experts, we run a school readiness and early intervention service to deal with issues before they become more entrenched.

We tailor all our school readiness programmes to the age of your child. Our speech and language team will help you get an accurate view of whether your child is ready for school. They will also tell you what, if anything, we need to do to prepare them further.


Stuttering is frustrating for both children and adults, but it is a common speech pathology in Randwick. Children can develop stuttering for all kinds of reasons, including adverse experiences. The good news, however, is that there are powerful ways to manage the condition. At our Sydney speech clinic, we implement strategies that can help overcome a stammer and help your child avoid unfortunate consequences, like bullying.

Difficulties With Reading

Your child may have excellent verbal communication skills, but if they have trouble with reading, then they can fall behind at school and become confused. At our speech therapy clinic, we base our approach to reading on more than twenty years of literacy research. The science indicates the pre-reading skills are the best predictors of future reading success. We, therefore, help your child develop the reading skills that they will need when they finally come to tackle a text. A child speech pathologist at our clinic will ensure that your child learns to read without squinting or holding the book to close to their eyes.

Difficulties Spelling

Does your child find it difficult to spell? It could be a sign that they are having trouble at school and finding it difficult to progress. Trouble with spelling is a common speech pathology in Sydney, but fortunately, it’s something that we can help you with. Our therapists help your child develop the thinking patterns they need to spell words correctly. With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how much progress they can make.

Other Speech, Language And Communication Issues

Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic helps with many more conditions your child may have. These include:

  • Hearing impairments (which could affect their ability to develop communication skills long term)
  • Autism (a chronic condition that can make it hard for children to communicate their needs or understand those of others)
  • Weak muscles around the mouth (leading to problems with sustaining speech or making particular mouth shapes)
  • Vocal nodules and hoarseness (small, non-cancerous nodules around the voice box can lead to problems with making vocal sounds)
  • Breathing disorders (where your child struggles to adopt a breathing pattern suitable for speech)
  • Swallowing disorders

What To Expect During Therapy

Speech and language therapy for children is similar to speech therapy for adults. The first part of the process is to assess if your child has a communication deficit or disorder. NDIS speech pathology providers use a variety of tests to establish the nature of the communication difficulties of your child. We use scoring systems to quantify the severity of your child’s condition to both give you the information you need and suggest suitable treatments.

A speech pathologist for kids may ask your child to repeat certain words or sounds. A speech pathologist for toddlers may also look for signs that a child is developing speech impediments or issues, such as a lisp.

For treatment to be effective, it must also be engaging. At Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic, we introduce games and other fun elements to ensure that therapy is something that children enjoy, not dread. Our speech therapy for children is different than for adults. While a speech pathologist for adults would tend to focus on a particular issue, children need a unique approach.

Will My Child Receive Personalised Therapy?

As the best speech pathologist Sydney, we tailor all of our programmes to the specific needs of your child. We have plans which address speech and language skills, learning and understanding, spelling, stuttering, autism, and problems with the ways children use the muscles around their mouths. Our speech clinic is home to professionals who specialise in practically every kind of communication disorder thus far identified.

Should I Come To Sessions With My Child?

We allow parents to attend sessions with their children at our speech pathology clinic. However, we recommend to parents that they allow their children to receive therapy alone. The reason for this is that the presence of a caregiver can affect the way that a child communicates. Often children need space to feel as if they can express themselves freely - something that they might not have with a parent present.

How Long Will Speech And Learning Therapy Take?

The length of time that speech and learning therapy takes depends on the needs of your child and the current severity of their condition. If you’re looking for the best speech therapist Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. We tailor all of our programmes to the specific therapeutic needs of your child. Most therapy courses take around six months of weekly sessions, though your child may need more or less, depending on their circumstance or rate of progress. We regularly review the development of your child to determine whether further therapy is necessary.

Why Choose Braithwaite Speech And Learning Clinic?

Unlike many speech and learning therapists, we back our service is a guarantee. Once your child completes a course of sessions, they will have better social skills and better communication skills. If they do not, then we will refund your money in full.

With us, you can also have your child seen outside of regular school hours. We’re open from 8 am until 6:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

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