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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Speech Pathologist Botany

As children grow, they go through several developmental stages, each one of them preparing them for success in adult life. For some children, however, developing speech and language skills to navigate the world can be a challenge. At the Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic, we focus on helping everybody from toddlers to adults with their communication skills. With us, your child can improve speech, written language and even the way they talk.

When a child does not appear to be developing age-appropriate speech and language skills, it can be worrying. If you are concerned that your child’s communication and reading skills are behind those of their peers, then a speech therapist in Botany can help. Our speech clinic Botany can provide expert guidance for your child, helping them to improve their speech and language skills in a professional setting. With our help, they can gain more confidence and control over their communication and deal with any specific issues that may be holding them back.

Our Speech Therapy In Botany: What To Expect?

Before we can recommend any speech therapy for kids, we need to understand the underlying issue. Children, toddlers and adults can all develop different speech problems which evolve alongside their personality and circumstances. NDIS speech therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

The first task is to find out precisely where speech and language issues may be emanating. The speech therapist will sit down with your child and spend some time communicating with them in a variety of ways. The speech therapist will then use a scoring system to highlight any weaknesses in communication skills. The grading is not to judge the child but to record any issues that they have. This recording makes it easier for the speech pathologist to circle back and offer therapy later on.

Speech pathology in Botany covers all kinds of issues. Your child could receive help with the pronunciation of certain words or generally speaking more fluently. Take a look at the following items that our speech therapy for children addresses.

Language Disorders

Your child may have a language disorder if they struggle to put sentences together or find it hard to understand the language patterns of others. Children may also struggle to express how they feel in sentences, making communication challenge. At our Sydney speech clinic, we offer a variety of interventions that can improve understanding, comprehension and sentence construction.


Resonance issues affect the voice of your child. Your child may have developed comprehension and mastery of the language, but cannot speak in a way that other people understand. Their voice may sound muted, or they may talk through their nose.


Fluency disorders cover a wide range of conditions which affect the ability of your child to string words together. Typical speech pathology in Sydney is stuttering, something that our therapists can help your child overcome.


Articulation disorders occur when a child is not able to produce particular sounds or cannot say certain words. “TH” sounds are particularly problematic, for instance. A lisp is a form of articulation disorder.

Get Bespoke Therapy For Your Child

Your child’s brain and biology are unique, as is how they interact with each other. As NDIS speech pathology experts, we believe that therapy for each child should be bespoke. We assess various skills and abilities appropriate for the age of the child and then develop a range of personalised recommendations that may help to manage or resolve the issue.

If you decide to go forward with therapy, we design a personalised treatment programme which deals directly with the problems that they may face. If stuttering is the problem, then the Lidcombe programme can help. We also use specific interventions for verbalising and visualising skills, reading and spelling, speech and language, and much more.

How Long Does Therapy Last?

Typically, we recommend that children have six months of weekly sessions with a speech therapist. If your child requires further therapy, we can discuss this towards the end of the initial period.

Can I Attend Speech Therapy With My Child?

Some parents want to be there during speech therapy with their children. At Braithewaite Speech & Learning Clinic, we understand this and are happy for you to attend sessions. However, we believe that children benefit most when parents are not there. The presence of a parent can change the way that a child communicates, which may make therapy less effective. Sometimes children need space to develop communication skills on their own terms. The presence of a caregiver can lead to distractions and undermine the entire process.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Making an appointment at our speech clinic near Botany is easy. Just pick up the phone and call us or send us your details via our online appointment portal. We recommend that first-time visitors call our clinic first to discuss the unique needs of your child. By doing this, we can book you in for the correct service and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Why Might Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

The purpose of speech therapy for adults and children is to diagnose and help overcome communication disorders. Both children and adults alike can struggle with reading, writing, understanding what others say, speaking, and listening. Communication is a complex task and relies on multiple brain systems working together in concert seamlessly.

Your child, however, may have had an adverse experience or congenital issue which affects his or her ability to communicate and comprehend others in a way that is typical for someone of their age.

Common causes of communication issues include brain issues, congenital disabilities, and developmental delays.

Speech therapy in Sydney is vital for children in today’s world. The competitive nature of the economy means that people need excellent communication skills to do productive work. Those who cannot communicate to a high standard may not have the same life chances as those who do.

Many parents want to find the best speech therapist in Sydney for their children so that they can give them a fighting chance in the world of work in the future.

You can get speech therapy for children in Botany for all kinds of impediments and disorders as well as to make sure your child is ready for school. The reasons many parents seek out a child speech pathologist are the following:

Trouble With Speaking Clearly

Does your child struggle to speak clearly? If so, we can help. Our speech therapists train your child to enunciate their words more clearly, assisting others in understanding them.

Problems With Stuttering

Stuttering can be frustrating and embarrassing for your child, preventing them from communicating with others in the way that they would like. Our NDIS speech therapy gives children techniques that they can use to overcome a stammer and leave it behind.

Problems With Reading

Your child may be able to speak fluently, but you may be concerned with their ability to read the written word. Problems with reading can lead to issues with schoolwork and affect their grades from an early age. Our speech therapists can help your child get to grips with reading with unique and professional interventions.

Breathing Disorders

If your child is struggling to communicate because of an error in the way that they breathe, we can help.


Autistic children can struggle to communicate their needs and feelings. We help with articulation and the understanding of others.

Difficulties Spelling

Many children struggle with spelling. We teach them ways to make it easier for them to choose the correct spelling and abandon other systems they may have developed.

We also help with a range of other problems and disorders including hearing impairment, language understanding and expression, swallowing disorders and vocal nodules and hoarseness.

If you suspect that your child has a communication disorder, then we are here to help. There’s no reason to delay. As a speech pathologist for toddlers, we can begin therapy at an early age, preventing nascent disorders from becoming entrenched.

As a speech pathology clinic, we believe that the better people can communicate with those around them, the higher their quality of life. Our lives are about our ability to connect with other people and understand their needs. The more we can do this, the more fulfilling they will be. A speech therapy clinic plays a vital role in making sure that this happens. We help your child develop the essential communication skills that they require to be successful in whatever they do with their lives. This includes the things that matter most: their relationships.

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If you are looking for the best speech pathologist in Sydney, then get in touch with us today: we’d love to help. As NDIS speech pathology providers, we have an expert team of dedicated medical professionals on hand to help with all your child’s speech and communication issues. You will find us on Lapish Avenue in Ashfield next to Family Planning. You can use the online appointment form to book, call our speech clinic, on 02 9797 1880 or email at braithwaiteclinic@gmail.com.