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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Bookings and Cancellations

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Late Arrivals Make it Difficult for Everyone

We do understand that circumstances may arise unexpectedly, however, late arrivals tend to compromise the punctuality of the service we are able to provide to you, as well as our other clients. We do maintain a relatively tight schedule, making every attempt to begin your appointment at the scheduled time.

Cancellations and No Show Policy

Once an assessment has been completed, a time for follow-up therapy is arranged to suit your schedule. This therapy time is reserved for you and materials are prepared especially for each of these follow-up sessions.

Unfortunately over the last many years there have been clients whose child has a booked appointment that they do not attend. Many times this happens without giving us any notice of that inability to attend. Due to the difficulty of filling these last minute cancellations, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice. We have a 24 hour pager service (9797 1800) for this reason.

If you are not able keep your appointment, we cannot accommodate other children who are waiting for therapy. To ensure we continue to reserve the time you have requested for your child, we will ask, at your first or second therapy session, for a Holding Deposit. This Holding Deposit enables us to reserve your choice of therapy time. This deposit is the equivalent of the cost of one weekly therapy session.

The last thing we want to do is charge you for an appointment you didn’t attend. So we will offer you an alternative time, within the next few days, as a make up session. However should this not be possible, the Holding Deposit will cover you for 2 missed appointments.

If all set appointments are either attended or made up, the Holding Deposit will be deducted from your last session.

Regular, weekly attendance provides the best and most time efficient results for your child. That is what we both want for them.