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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Spelling Difficulties

Just as language skills incorporate both understanding and expression, literacy skills incorporate both reading and spelling. Trouble with spelling may mean your child is having difficulty with school learning and may not be progressing normally as he or she should. There are some basic strategies your child needs initially to learn to write words and then, as they progress in spelling, they will learn the rules of spelling and how to allow for all the ‘exceptions’ English seems to have. We have a unique method to aid your child through the spelling maze.

Here’s How To Help Your Child’s Development:

Spending time with your child and helping him or her with their homework is a good way to get in there and assist your child’s development. And I know as a parent you are busy with 101 other things that need doing. But you’ll be amazed what a few guided minutes each day spent with your child will do for your child’s confidence. And confident children make better students.