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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Trouble Reading

Stumbling over words, squinting while reading, avoiding reading altogether and holding the book up close to the eyes, are things to watch out for once your child starts school. They may mean your child is having trouble learning to read. They may even be having trouble comprehending what they are reading.

Guiding your child through these early skills, in a fun way, fast tracking their progress in reading is an important part of the work we do. We use a unique combination of programmes that are based on the Australian school curriculum. We systematically teach the foundation skills required for reading success.

More than 20 years of literacy research has conclusively proven that phonological awareness (pre-reading skills) is the best predictor of success in reading. Research has also shown that this ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of language can actually be developed, through systematic instruction. We build these skills in the younger children and build on them with our older school age children, to make them stronger, more capable readers who develop a love of reading.

Our programmes ensure your child has the strategies to not only read but to comprehend and remember what they have read. This latter skill alone enhances all of their learning experiences, aiding every aspect of school learning.