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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Language – understanding and expression

Your child’s language skills are like the two sides of the one coin. One side is how well they understand what others are saying to them. The other side is how well they convey their message to their listener. These two skills go hand in hand. If one is weaker, the other is likely to be affected. Improving your child’s language skills benefits not only their ability to communicate, but to socialize with others – both children and adults – from whom they are constantly learning. This provides the foundation needed for the development of strong self-esteem and for the development of reading and spelling at school.

Learning English in addition to other languages

Understandably, children in bilingual families, or who are learning more than one language, may need longer to learn the sounds and words to effectively communicate. That’s because there are different sounds, words and sentence structures to learn in each language and this can sometimes cause problems.

If your child is in this situation and is having trouble, he or she may…

  • Become irritable while learning
  • May be hard to understand or may find it hard to understand others
  • May say an easier sound or word for a more difficult one or mix the two languages in the one sentence

Here’s How To Help Your Child’s Development :

Just remember your child child is learning a lot more than other kids who have just the one language to learn. This may mean extra time must be spent with your child reading, listening and talking to help your child overcome any difficulties.