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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Barbara Braithwaite

Prinicipal Speech Pathologist

Barbara Braithwaite

Barbara Braithwaite

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist
Member of Speech Pathology Australia

Board Director of inaugural Central Sydney Allied Health Board, Inner West Sydney Medicare Local from 2013

  • Full-time speech pathologist since graduating from Sydney University in 1980
  • First speech pathology position was at Campbelltown Health Centre
  • Established her own practice in 1984
  • Previous Clinical Educator for University of Sydney speech pathology students

Special Interests

  • Early speech pathology intervention for children prior to entering school
  • The development of literacy skills in children with language difficulties
  • Mentoring and educating fellow speech pathologists in clinical skills
  • Ensuring staff receive on-going professional development
  • Ensuring every client improves their skills in order to establish better interaction with others, socialising skills, learning and strong reading and spelling skills
  • Working at a school in the south west of Sydney. Her role there involves working with children and volunteers to improve the children’s speech clarity, assessing children’s speech and language skills, running along with the support teacher for learning a number of small language groups to improve the children’s understanding and expression of language. As well, she participates in team teaching specialised skills to the children to improve both their communication and learning