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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

Speech Pathologist Fairfield

A speech pathologist specialises in communication, speech and language disorders. Their role is to help address a wide range of issues relating to speech and language, from stuttering to speech clarity. At Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic, our expert speech pathologists have many years of experience in the field. Our programmes help children to avoid falling behind their peers, preparing them for school and assisting them with keeping up with their classmates. When you need a speech pathologist in Fairfield, you can turn to Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic to benefit from an experienced therapist who can use a range of techniques to help your child.

About Fairfield

Fairfield is a wonderfully diverse Sydney suburb, with plenty of families. In fact, the 2016 census showed that 76.5% of households in Fairfield were families with children, almost half of them being couples with children, and a further 24.7% were single-parent families. Children aged 0-14 make up just over a fifth of the population of Fairfield. There are both public and private schools for all ages, and there are some great family amenities and facilities too, from parks and playgrounds to community and leisure centres. With such a family-oriented area, the need for good speech pathology services is essential.

The Benefits of a Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists offer a number of important benefits to your child. The sooner you ask for help from a pathologist for your child, the better it is for them. Whatever the problem, it can be managed more easily if it's addressed sooner. Early intervention helps to prevent the issue from developing further and can get to the route of the problem. Speech and language therapy can address a number of issues for children, whether how they experience their disability is mild or more extreme. Speech therapy helps your child to be understood by others and allows them to express themselves clearly, removing some of the frustrations that can come with communication issues.

Speech and language therapy helps children to be prepared for school. Their first years of school are highly focused on developing social skills and improving communication. Seeing a speech pathologist before starting school can give a child the skills that they need to successfully integrate into their class at school and interact with others in a variety of situations. Your child can develop their pre-literacy skills, and also develop their reading skills and ability to read aloud. Speech and language therapy can improve self-esteem, confidence and independence too.

Speech Therapy for Children

When you're looking for a speech therapist in Fairfield for your child, Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic is here to deliver the services that you need. Our specialist speech therapy for kids is designed to ensure that your child doesn't fall behind their peers and can keep up with others at school. Our range of services for children gives them the tools that they need to tackle the problems that they are facing and the support to excel in both their education and their social life. Each child is treated as an individual, using the techniques that work best for them to help them feel more confident.

Speech Pathologist for Adults

You can also get advice on speech therapy for adults from Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic. If you're looking for help with speech pathology in Fairfield, we can also offer you advice. You can take a look at our information on swallowing in aged care, which includes an education package containing a DVD and report on the issue. Dysphagia is a common issue for residents in aged care, affecting a third of people, and one that speech pathologists are able to help with. Our Sydney speech clinic gives you the information that you need to address this problem.

Our Services

We offer a range of services for children at our speech clinic in Fairfield. Our services help to prepare children for school and give them the assistance they need once they have started school. You can book an appointment by calling the clinic or by filling out our online form. Our services for children include time for the parent or guardian to brief them on every session so that you can understand how it went and what took place. Most of the children that we see can achieve long-lasting results in just one or two blocks of sessions.

Early Intervention and School Readiness

Our speech clinic in Fairfield offers early intervention and school readiness to allow for an issue to be addressed as soon as possible. When you need a speech pathologist for toddlers or preschool children, our services assess and treat children who are having difficulties communicating. Early intervention is essential for correcting speech and language issues and can help to have a stronger impact while your child is still developing. The children who attend our sessions can make significant improvements. Our school readiness programme prepares your child to start school by delivering therapy that can improve the essential skills that they need in the educational environment.

Speech Clarity

We can also serve as your speech therapist in Fairfield if you're looking for a professional to help your child with speech clarity. As your child's speech and language skills develop, they can start to become easier and easier to understand. They develop the ability to perform a range of different sounds as they grow, and there are many things that you can do to help their development. However, some children do experience difficulty with certain sounds or with speech clarity in general. A child speech pathologist can help you to navigate any issues that you feel might need to be addressed. The earlier the intervention, the more successful the therapy can be.

Understanding and Expression

To effectively use their language skills, children need to be able to understand what others are saying to make themselves understood by expressing themselves clearly. Each of these skills can affect the other is your child is lacking in one of them. It's important that children have the skills and the self-confidence to communicate with others. One important thing to consider is the language skills of children with more than one language. Fairfield is a multicultural suburb, and many children in the area grow up bilingual or even trilingual. Children with more than one language tend to catch up with their peers, but initially, it can take them a little longer to develop their understanding and expression. A speech therapist might be helpful in some cases.


Stuttering can be an extremely frustrating issue for children, and it can affect them emotionally too. There can be many possible things at the route of a case of stuttering, but there are also many different methods to help. Stuttering is sometimes a normal stage in the development of a child's speech, and they might move past it. However, a speech pathologist for kids can assess a child to determine whether this could be the case. As well as speech therapy, many children can benefit from their parent or guardian receiving advice to guide them and help them understand how to assist with their child's speech development.

Trouble Reading

Literacy and reading skills are another important part of acquiring a language. When your child starts school and begins to read, it's an important time to pay attention to how their skills are developing. If your child is showing signs of finding it difficult to read, spending some time with a child speech pathologist in Fairfield can help them. We can help to guide your child through their early development of literacy skills using programmes that are based on the Australian school curriculum. Phonological awareness is an important part of the development of a child's reading skills. We can help children to develop their skills both before and after starting school.

Spelling Difficulties

Spelling is another important element of literacy skills for young children. Our speech therapy in Sydney can help with spelling, as well as reading. Trouble spelling could mean that your child is finding their learning difficult, but there are ways they can improve and start to find it easier. Our unique methods can help your child to learn essential spelling skills so that they feel more comfortable with their schoolwork and with writing outside of school too. At our speech clinic in Fairfield, we can make spelling seem simpler, and offer you advice on how you might be able to help your child.


We offer assessments and therapy for clients who receive NDIS funding under NDIS Managed, Self Managed and Plan Managed access. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides for people with disabilities to help cover the costs of their needs. The Early Childhood Intervention approach is designed to help children aged 0-6 years who have a developmental delay or disability, and their families or carers. It can help you to access the help that you need for your child. Our NDIS speech therapy can help those who need assistance with speech development and related issues.

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