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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

100% Money Back Refund Policy

Our Results

Because I’ve been practising for over 30 years, I’ve developed a predictable and consistent system that gets the results you are looking for. I’ve personally taken each and every one of my Therapists through this system and their understanding of it is as good as mine. It works, and we know.

We are proud to offer a results oriented refund policy.

Because of our service, you can rest easy knowing your child is getting the very best of care.

Braithwaite Speech and Learning Clinic

Refund Policy

You see, I know 100% that, if your child undertakes our training and completes all sessions and homework * (see below for conditions), he or she should…

  • Develop better communication skills,
  • Develop better social skills and
  • Develop better literacy skills

Or I’ll refund every cent of your money spent on therapy

That’s right. If your child hasn’t made specific and measurable gains, your therapy investment will be returned in full. I can’t be any fairer than that.

* After your child has been assessed as needing help to build their skills, we make a recommendation of an initial six month block of weekly therapy. During this time, we ask that you attend all 26 weekly sessions, make up any missed sessions and complete all recommended homework between those sessions.

At the completion of this block of therapy we will formally re-assess your child to gauge their improvement. If no improvement has taken place, I promise your therapy investment will be refunded in full.