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Family Rituals

Chrissie Swan, radio and TV host, recipient of a Logie for Most Popular Female Presenter, top three survivor of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here; mother to Leo, six, Kit, four, and Peggy, two.

Meals: We have dinner at 5pm because my kids are STARVING. My six year old has just started to set the table. My four year old likes to be in charge of water, which sometimes involves a spill – but that’s part of the charm, isn’t it? Mealtimes are a bit loco, and we find the best option is to have make-your-own tortillas or homemade pizzas. We try to keep the TV off at dinnertime, but on Fridays we have a ‘couch dinner’ with spag bol in front of Toy Story!


Holidays: We have spent two weeks in Bali every winter for three years, just swimming and reading and talking. Bliss.