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Is Your Child Falling Behind?

30 Years Helping Children

Braithwaite Speech and Learning Clinic was established in 1984 by Barbara Braithwaite. Barbara had previously worked for the Department of Health at Campbelltown Health Centre. The position she filled there, along with another new graduate, was exactly the challenge Barbara was looking for.

A speech pathology service, at Campbelltown, was very new to the area (there had been a sole therapist there for only one year before) and was hugely in demand. Barbara and her colleague, Karen faced a 5 year waiting list and many, many worried and frustrated parents, many of whose children had now progressed to school, with very significant communication and learning difficulties.

Barbara and Karen had to think outside the square to provide services for very significant numbers of children with very high communication needs.

After working at Campbelltown for the following 4 years and being able to reduce the wait for speech pathology services from 5 to 2 years, Barbara left to have her first child. She had significantly developed her skills as a therapist, with what she terms as the absolute best job a new graduate could have had.

There were frustrations though, in terms of being able to provide the amount and length of service each children needed. With such a huge waiting list it was not possible to provide each child with the intensive care needed, on a regular basis. There were simply too many children waiting for the same care.

She decided that opening her own Practice, where the client could receive the length, quality and amount of therapy to suit their needs was paramount. Thus Braithwaite Speech and Learning Clinic was established n 1984.